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Your Guide to Becoming an Actor: Build Your Portfolio - Actor Headshots

Once you have a good grasp of acting techniques, it's time to build your acting portfolio. This will help you step into the actual practice of acting as work.

These will be your first impression when applying for auditions. There is a difference between film/tv, commercial, and theatre headshots. There is also a difference between a great photo of you and a headshot. A headshot should be telling a story about you or the kind of characters you can play. At this stage of your career, assuming you're at the very beginning, your headshots don't need to be $1000 with the best photographer in town. Honor your budget and aim as closely in the right direction as you can.

All of the pictures below have a similar vibe. Ignore the fact that these photos are taken over 10 years and that mega pixels have really leveled up. Each picture hammers down a little more on the specificity of my type. We'll get back to types in another post but go with me on this. In these headshots we're showing that my type is young professional. The headshots are giving federal agent, Senate aid, junior partner at a law firm. This is a good thing. It's clear and concise. You can clearly see me and my eyes. In your headshots your eyes should be captivating, like you have a secret. If you have a friend with a good camera that can take a headshot for you, go for it. Your first won't be your best so don't let perfection hold you hostage. At this point we just want the people casting you to know what you look like.

Beware of scams and make sure you feel confident and comfortable with yourself and the person taking the photos. You should enjoy the process of getting actor headshots. Did I say beware of scams?!


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