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Your Guide to Becoming an Actor: Preparing for the Audition - Rehearsing and Self Tapes

You did your character work and learned your lines. Time for the acting part!

Let’s Do This

Rehearsing is essential for several reasons. First, it allows you to become familiar with your lines and the flow of the script. Secondly, rehearsals provide an opportunity for you to explore the character. It’s not a great idea to wait until you are taping the audition to start saying the words out loud. I’ve done it. I didn’t book the things.

Rehearse with someone else. There are all kinds of acting online groups where people trade rehearsing with one another or helping with tapes. If you're apprehensive about all of this because you can only tape with your nonna, there are other options available. This prep helps in creating a stress free (lol what’s that) experience. You won’t be panic-forgetting your lines because you know them AND why your character would be saying them. Time to film.

Put it on Tape

What you will need to do next is be mindful of the technical things that will help your audition shine.

Where to look: not to far away from the camera lens. Face forward and look just to right or left of the lens. If you are talking to two people in the scene, put on person on each side. More that? Shoot me an email for a coaching session.

What to wear: not a costume! Wear something that implies the role but not literal doctor scrubs. A dark blue v-neck shirt would be perfect for doctor, solider, and detective (depending on the genre). Let the people casting use their imaginations. Hair should be out of your face.

How much of your body is in the frame: they'll usually be specific about what they want. Medium is chest up. Close up is more like color bone up. Cowboy is like waist up, o just below the bottom of your rib cage. Full body is well your whole body. I use this cellphone tripod to help capture those. In case I lost you in the first sentence, a frame is essential what is being captured on screen.

It’s time to gather all the knowledge you’ve gathered and try. There is a learning curve so give yourself grace. You'll get better with every attempt. Keep rehearsing and self tapes will stop being scary (mostly).

*If you are at the VERY beginning of your acting journey, it's likely that you'll be self taping your auditions. That will require you to have a few items at home to make taping the auditions easier. I personally use this cell phone stand. I tape my auditions on an iPhone. The lighting should be good to make sure the people making decisions can see your face and eyes clearly. I use this ring light and these studio lights. Tape in front of a blank wall and make sure you can be heard clearly. Break a leg!

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